What are people saying about Lucky Shamrock?

The quality of the waxes is incredible for the price. The guy on the phone was extremely friendly and helpful when I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to order. The Jesus OG is crazy good. He got here quick and was extremely convenient to deal with. Overall great experience and I will definitely be ordering again.


Great service

Simply the best quality, always consistant, alway just the best.
These folks are the kindest, super helpfully and compasinate shop i have ever found. Thanks a million! Cant find better people! Give them a try, you wint regrete it:) k


Thoroughly impressed.

Lucky Shamrock produces the best meds in San Diego. Their bud quality is top notch and they have excellent delivery service. For a funky time give Lucky Shamrock a call. :)))


Best Meds!!!

Lucky Shamrock produces some of the best buds in S.D. They hook you up as a first time patient, deliver on time, and keep you feelin funky all night long. I'm a big fan of their Chocolope strand. It's a delicious flavor that leaves the taste buds craving more buds. Everything on their menu is quality and they have daily specials that rock! My favorite is free gram Friday's. Weekend is almost here!!! YEEEEEAAAH!!!


The Luckiest Roots

What can you say bad about this shop? They have the nicest employees working who are always asking too help. They have top notch medicine with reasonable prices. They have specials every week and really show love. The wax is amazing and always lives up too its review. If you want a shop that is on time when they say and good quality meds then look no further. I WILL NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE. Lucky shamrock is the place too go. #thankyou



I have been a patient with these guys since they opened and have regretted the few times I have gotten my meds anywhere else. They always have the best selection of top shelf Indicas and Sativas and have hands down the best deal in town on Fridays. If I'm on a budget they also have really great quality buds in the lower price range. The staff is super friendly and the deliveries always come in a timely manner. I have never once been let down by these guys and they will continue to be my go to as long as they are around. I would recommend them to everyone. Oh, and the Wax is amazing!!


Best Buds, Deals, and Nicest People in SD

Can't go wrong with lucky shamrock. Concentrates always heavy and tasty. Recently I got the chocolope and the taste was just like fruits. High was heavy I almost fell asleep dabbing. If you looking for good concentrates give them a call you won't be disappointed even the flowers are on point....stay medicated weedmap heads



I ordered from The Lucky Shamrock for the first time about a month ago. Loved the bud I ordered, as well as the FTP special. The customer service over the phone was excellent, and the entire transaction was very professional. I will absolutely be ordering from these guys again!


Thoroughly impressed.

For all those skeptics out there who dont know this place take it from me its definitely one of the better delivery services if not the best in San Diego. The staff are easy to get along with and laid back. Of coarse the best part of this delivery is the quality and knowledge of their product, if you show them some love they will take care of you. Try thier edibles, the brownies are very delicious as they are potent. If you like frosty buds that smell a room up the second you open a jar, then hit their upper shelf section... WE GOT OUR REASONS!!! SO DO YOU!!!

Kaniblizzard snow

Review of the YEAR!!!

I love this place. Since my very first delivery, they have been courteous, professional, and on-time. The wax is always great, with lots of variety. And not to mention the deals you get as well. I love WAX ON WEDNESDAYS. Highly recommended for wax users.


Best Wax in Town!

I recently moved to San Diego from Los Angeles and I was in for a shock. Very few storefronts are open so I went looking for a good delivery service to handle my med needs. The Lucky Shamrock was the first place I called, and the last place I'll ever call. The employees are always courteous, professional, and on time. The style of customer service I receive is both knowledgeable and personalized for me. To say that this is an exceptional place would be like saying China has a pretty cool wall. If you're on the fence, it's time to fall. A+


The mom's cooking of dispensaries.

Where do I start? What can I say about Lucky Shamrock that hasn’t already been said about the wheel, grilled cheese sandwiches or back rubs? Not much. But I can say that I’ve been going to these guys(actually they’ve been coming to me, but whatever) since they opened and have yet to go anywhere else because they’ve never given me a reason to. Their staff is super cool and professional and if you’re not totally sure about what exactly you’re looking for they’re more than happy to help you out. I’ve never had any complaints about the effectiveness of the meds and there are weekly specials to go along with a frequent customer program. The latter of which I’m too lazy to join but it does exist(I swear). In any case, if you’re looking great meds at a decent price and delivered on time than you really can’t go wrong. These are your guys 🙂



LS has great wax, very fast delivery and they are professional. They are my preferred delivery.


very professional, excellent meds

to find these guys on here gaved them a chance and order some wax it was very potent clean n great taste. also got 2 free grams for FTP and it was actually really nice og unlike the trash some places give u great servive really fast was here n less than a hbour from ordering if i was u ive these guys a chance u cant go wrong good work guys keep it up!! 
thanks jeff d


i sure am lucky!!